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  Mary Ann MAtthews

About Mary Ann

A certified handwriting analyst since 1994, Mary Ann Matthews is the owner of handwriting.ca. Having a background in Human Resources as the Staffing Coordinator for a major real estate developer, Mary Ann’s area of expertise is in compatibility issues – whether it’s learning about that new person in your life, hiring a nanny for your children hiring a new employee, building a team, or finding out why a person gets along better with some people rather than others.

“Handwriting is really ‘brain’writing”, she says. “We can’t run away from our brain, no matter how hard we try.”


Mary Ann gives workshops, seminars, presentations and keynote speeches. Over the past 20 years, Mary Ann has spoken to a wide variety of audiences. She often is quoted as saying, “It doesn’t matter if we print or write. That trail of ink that we leave as our pen travels across the page really does tell our story. What you write or print comes from your conscious mind. How you write or print it comes from your subconscious mind.”

Radio Appearances

Mary Ann has made radio and TV appearances on Toronto Life, Talk Local, EZ ROCK 97.3, Riley, Neighbour to Neighbour, the Erin Davis Show, Chat TV, Dufferin-Peel Living, Daytime TV Show, City Magazine, and Girlz TV.

TV Appearances

Published articles include ‘The Candidates’ Scrawl Tells All’, ‘Different Strokes’, and ‘Can the Pen Be Mightier than a Real Job Interview?’ which have appeared in The Globe & Mail; ‘Key Signatures’ in The Winnipeg Free Press; ‘Handwriting – It’s Really ‘Brain’Writing’ in Business Woman Canada and The Good Life. Mary Ann has a chapter about herself in a book entitled ‘The Courage to Succeed’. Articles on handwriting analysis are currently appearing in Women with Vision magazine.

Not limited to writing strictly about graphology, Mary Ann acted as manuscript developer for the book, ‘Tales from the Trenches – What You Ought to Know about Selling Your Business.’


member and a former Director with the Mississauga Board of Trade
member of International Graphoanalysis Society
Co-President of the Ontario Chapter of Graphoanalysts.


2010 -First Canadian to receive the 2010 International Graphoanalyst of the Year Award
2004 - Ontario Graphoanalyst of the Year Award
2001 – Ontario Graphoanalyst of the Year Award

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Mary Ann Matthews




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